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Me with Tom at the Vets

I have already obtained a first degree (BSc Hons) upon starting the veterinary course and due to beginning the course as a graduate, I do not qualify for government funding to help with tuition fees. My quest to become a vet has been a very expensive endeavour at over £20,000 per year for fees alone!

I am currently in year 4 of the 5 year BVM&S course at Edinburgh University. So far I have managed to foot my tuition fees with bank loans, grants, funding from trusts, and assistance from family. Unfortunately, during the credit crisis, one of my primary funding sources was withdrawn due to the issues surrounding the Sallie Mae company, and I have found myself in financial shortfall for my tuition fees. I am yet to find another private student loan company offering a loan on similar terms but am doing all I can to ensure I can stay on the course.

I am registered with the charity Veterinary Vouchers, who are established in order to help veterinary students struggling with the financial difficulties of paying veterinary tuition fees.